1. Denying Children with mental health challenges (including epilepsy) the chance of attending regular schools.

2. Unreasonable restrictions: Locking them up in our homes – and sometimes at the hospitals.

3. Taking patients through injurious rituals (including certain forms of exorcisms) in the quest to get them healed through alternative means.

4. Beating them up when they are sick. In the absence of information, they are considered a general nuisance. Some sustain life threatening injuries.

5. The failure to provide proper hospitals, staffed and equipped by both the county and national governments.

6. Failure to provide drugs at a subsidized cost means that many psychiatric patients miss their doses and relapse into illness.

7. Locking up psychiatric patients (including those who are dependent on substances like alcohol) in prisons.

8. Terminating the employment of the mentally sick and refusing to take them back to work even when they are FULLY RECOVERED.

9. Making fun of mental illness, in a way that emphasises the false belief that the mentally ill are responsible for their illness and they should SNAP OUT OF IT.

10. Abandoning patients who have recovered from their illness at the health facilities. This is EXTREMELY COMMON. Nearly half of all the patients who are brought to the mental hospitals will be abandoned either temporarily or permanently. Only a few of the cases have anything to do with finances.

Lets do our rightful share in restoring the dignity of the sick – be it physical or mentall illness.

Article originally published on the facebook
#MentalHealthVoices During the 2016

AUTHOR: Dr Chitayi Murabula – Mental health advocate.