Tomorrow the 21st February 2015, an assembly of kenyans drawn from all walks of life will converge at Chester house.

The kenyans will include young professionals, trade unionists, civil society, private sector , university students and opinion leaders from all sectors of society. Simply it will be an open conference of patriotic minds.

It is an assembly of Kenyans who believe that through their effort backed by like minded citizens, we can propel the nation towards that bright horizon where tribe is not the central pillar of the Nation.

The assembly of progressive voices will dare to question our national priorities and national values. It will question the growing cult of wealth as the sole determinant of our humanity and it’s accumulation the second most important determinant of leadership after tribe.

The assembly shall boldly explore the possibility that our generation can mould the nation in the image of our dreams – dreams that are so often expressed on social media but which in the absence of a platform must be deferred hence falling victim to the possibilities contemplated by Langston Hughes in the poem ‘a dream deferred’.

This is a forum for every kenyan who has come close to giving up and grudgingly has had to conform to the status quo because doing otherwise sometimes looks as daunting as the 5th labour that confronted Hercules when he had to clean the stables of king Augean that had not been cleaned for 30 years.

It is a summit of kenyans who believe that in the absence of citizen effort to pull kenya away from the brink is to risk a second coming of strife as witnessed in 2008.

It is a forum for those who are ready to start a difficult conversation. A conversation that will put to trial the conscience of a nation and serve as the defence of our generation before the tribunal of history.

You can be part of this exciting endeavour because you are invited.

If you want to be counted as one who is in the arena as opposed to a mere critic, Chester house is the place to be on 21st February 2015 at 2.00pm. #GoBeyondTwitter


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