Following a lot of encouragement from my friends, I am happy to announce that a new blog has finally arrived. It will be called ‘kalamusscriptorius’ which translates to ‘ a pen that writes’.

The new forum will be used to articulate subjects close to my heart: History, government, science and society. I welcome all my friends who wish to share their articles on kalamusscriptorious to do so. Just inbox me your piece, I will edit then post and acknowledge the source.

The moderates are highly encouraged to contribute. The official launch will be coming soon but kalamusscriptorius is already up and running.



In the midst of all the toxic tribal rhetoric that has been doing the rounds lately, the emergence of a more assertive moderate has been the silver lining on the cloud.

In primary school, we begin to learn interesting scientific concepts that appear to contradict our own natural inclinations. One such concept is that the moon does not produce light but only reflects light originating from the sun.

Science wins because its based on facts and not emotions. I have argued before and would still do so that TRIBES DO NOT EXIST. I am offering to give a hefty monetary reward to anyone who can scientifically prove to me that tribes exist therefore deserve a form of loyalty from the 21st century inhabitants of Kenya. If theres no proof, we should make a correction to all social studies textbooks and make them state that ‘Kenya has about 44 commonly spoken languages.’The word ‘tribe’ should be deleted from all spoken and written language in Africa and it should be seen as ‘very stupid’ inquiring of some ones tribe.

We can scientifically prove the existence of languages but not tribes. Language is beautiful. Language is dynamic. There are words in your first language which you may not find an equivalent in English or Kiswahili. Words which when translated completely lose their meaning.

One may of course challenge my argument by bringing in the aspect of culture. My response is simple. Currently a majority of Africans are now either Christians or Muslims. The AFRICAN CULTURE when distilled produces the values of respect, kindness, love, generosity, hospitality, integrity and such like values. If you want to feel African practice those.

The fact that most Kenyans and indeed Africans can speak at least 3 languages should be a source of pride. This is uncommon in other places including Europe.

Therefore when an extremist uses a language as an excuse to call for genocide, its not about the language but the hatred in his heart.He is a murderer but language remains flawless.When an extremist states that only fellows who speak his first language can rule Kenya, there is nothing wrong with his first language but his heart is full of selfishness hence darkness. If a leader does not distribute resources across the country equitably, it is not his language that is faulty. He just lacks a sense of fairness. His moral compass is at fault not the language that he speaks.

Man has always waged war against fellow man but in todays world their has to be justification for war. In old times people fought over resources, today the only remaining justification for war is self defence by a state against external aggression.

How shameful of our generation if 500 years from today history books will read that the people who lived in Kenya went into a civil war because of languages(all of which will be extinct by then.)  That they had two common languages spoken across the country but 42 different locally spoken languages. So they fought over the difference in the third language and millions were killed and many more millions injured. Maybe you and I will be in the statistics of the dead. Think about it.

This would be both primitive and scandalous in the eyes of our much wiser descendants. Yet it happened in Rwanda 20 years ago.The only reason why it hasn’t happened in our own country is because of millions upon millions of moderates who are against such nonsense. In fact we can classify Kenyans into two camps – the extremists, who want the country to burn and the moderates who love this country too much to see it burn over a trivial non-scientific concept of tribe.

The moderates must grow bolder and tell off the extremists. If the blood thirsty extremists want war, the moderates should come together and curve them out of Kenya so they can slaughter themselves to death for primitive reasons. There are millions of peace loving Kenyans who have radical ideas but who believe that if there radical ideas are good enough for the country, they will peacefully try to convince Kenyans to accept their ideas and put them into office as government for implementation.

I am proud to be a moderate.